DBSK’S Sweet And Funny Quotes

Q: What is TVXQ to you?
Junsu: Everything in my life. I want to live for TVXQ, die for TVXQ, the precious reason for my existence. If I hadn’t become a part of TVXQ, I can’t imagine what I would be like now. Without TVXQ, I wouldn’t be like myself, who I am today.
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

Fan: will oppas keep TVXQ even if they reach 60 years old? Will you?
Yunho: of course! Don’t worry about it!
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

050126 Jaejoong’s Diary re Celebrating his 20th Birthday in Japan:
………..”I love my members (Xiah, U-know, Micky, Max) you believe in me the most. Do you know how much I appreciate you guys?”
Cre: tvxqfever blogspot

Jaejoong Cyworld:
“Our friendship is stronger than all else because we’re breathing the same air, speaking the same thoughts, and living one dream.”
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

“Only when the five of us are together can we be called TVXQ.”
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

“If anyone is to leave TVXQ, I will go back to being a regular high school student.”
Cre: Yunho-shii forum

Q: Why don’t you let us hear about something that made you happy?
Yoochun: My becoming a member of Tohoshinki.
Q: What is something that has made you angry?
Yoochun: During the roughly three months when we first came to Japan, we really were lonely. That loneliness we felt at first turned into anger later, though there isn’t a reason why. And to be honest, the members’ relationships with each other became not very good. But on the contrary, it is true that when we overcame that period, the bonds between the five of us grew even deeper.
Cre: pinkulemon @ LJ

Q: Tohoshinki itself is pretty much like a family already, isn’t it?
Yunho: We aren’t members, we’re brothers. We fight a lot, too. But we make up really quickly.
Cre: pinkulemon @ LJ

“When the five of our voices come together, there is a special something there. That is something that I know.”
Cre: pinkulemon @ LJ

Q: I want to be reborn as this person?
JEJUNG: The fact is, I still want to be TVXQ’s member!
But I want to be in Changmin’s position. How does it feel to be the youngest member?
CHANGMIN: I also want to be TVXQ’s member again if I were reborn. Afterall, being the youngest is the best.
Cre: sharingyoochun blog

Fan: My eyes and footsteps follow only them
CM: It’s like there’s a place they are headed…
[Fan has a picture of TVXQ as her display picture]
Cre: tvxqfever blogspot

The members were looking back on their trainee days…
MC: I heard you guys worked really hard before debute?
YH: Yeah. We had to go on diets often to keep fit.
YC: We always go to bed without eating dinner…
JS: It was hard for us to sleep because we were so hungry…
JJ: Last time, when Changmin and I really couldn’t sleep, we went out to walk around…
CM: We were really hungry that day, and when we passed a really high class restaurant, the smell of food hit us. Then Hyung asked me: “Do you like that?” I nodded. Hyung looked at me and said: “Then let’s walk back…”
MC: … What happened next… ?
JJ (@.@): We wondered in front of that store until closing time…
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

The members look like a family now, but what were you guys like when you first debuted?
YH: I’m the leader, so when we got together, I told them that from now on, we have to use “our’s” instead of “mine”.
MC: That must have been very heart-warming!
YC (v_v): Yeah! I remember this one day, Jaejoong hyung was showering and he took a long time. When he came out Yunho hyung asked: “What took so long?” Jaejoong hyung answered: “Oh, I was shaving our beard.”
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

Variety show…
MC: Wa, everyone’s grown so much in the past year! (Referring to their photobook)
YH: Yeah, everyone’s changing slowly, but Changmin changes very fast.
CM: I grew? (proud)
YH: Naw, as a person, not really. But you did grow height wise.
CM: (!)
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

In a variety show
…when the girl guest is getting punished, she can call the black night (which is her male partner) and let him receive the punishment for her. Yoochun was a guest at the show and his partner was about to get punished when he suddenly cut in…
YC: You can call black night in this round right?
MC: Yes! (Admires his braveness)
Girl (Calls out gratefully): BLACK NIGHT!
YC (@.@): Why are you calling me? I was just confirming the rules…
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

The next day, after their debute performance…
JJ: Oh my gosh, I’m so happy! My English teacher from middle school came…
CM: Really? Hyung must be really happy. So which subject did she teach?
JJ (OvO): Korean…
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

During a fan meeting…
MC: Yoochun sshi, I heard that the members share underwear, is it true?
YC: Yes it is!
JS: Can I answer for him? Actually, when we can’t find our own, we just grab a random one and wear it.
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

MC: I heard that Junsu sshi’s butt tend to stick out, does it cause problems for you?
JS: Problems? (thinks) … NO! (Answers with confidence)
JJ: But its caused problems for me! …(joins in) When I wear his underwear, it always feels too big!
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

In one of the fan meetings, they exposed some things that happened before debut…
The members were very nervous on the night before their big debute. Everyone went to bed early for the next day’s big performance…
1 hour later…
JJ screamed: AISH! I CAN’T SLEEP!
After a while YC followed: I CAN’T SLEEP NEITHER!
JS: Yeah! I don’t know why but I just can’t sleep!
CM: I know…
Another hour passed… the members were all starting to fall asleep… then YH suddenly yelled: YAH GO TO SLEEP!
Cre: CandyXx@soompi

Fan: That man will become my man. Haha
Changmin: That won’t happen as you wish…T_T
(Fan had a picture of Changmin)
Cre: iscreamshinki

Fan: I’ll marry Yoohun oppa in two years, wait for me… ><
Changmin: Does Yoochun hyung know about this..- _-
Cre: iscreamshinki

Fan: Oppa, compared to you, I like Xiahky (Junsu’s dog XD) more…
Xiah Junsu: Me too, compared to you, I like balloons better
Cre: Xietinloveshero blogspot

Fan: Oppa, if your brief and me drop into the water, who will you save first? I believe that oppa is a wise person.
CM: My brief doesn’t know how to swim, so do you know how to swim?
Cre: fangirlmitz blogspot

thanks to sillysweet101@soompi cuz she collect and share the quotes..



~ by nisachun on August 28, 2009.

10 Responses to “DBSK’S Sweet And Funny Quotes”

  1. *laughs* Oh Gods, these are so cute!
    Who are the guys in the picture? ;o
    I can figure out JJ and YC, but no one else. D8

    • Junsu is the boy in the coral colored shirt And changmin is the one in the green shirt playing with the string in Junsu’s hair and Yunho is the one without the shirt

  2. oh haha, thanks for commenting ^^
    the one shirtless is yunho (: my fav *winks*
    and you noe the next one JJ
    one in pink is junsu (:
    green kid is changmin
    u noe YC’s the one wit the weird hairdo (:


  3. woah~ thanks for this! it is really funny!. this made my day. but i don’t know if i will still be happy throughout this day because of the news. T.T anyway, thanks!

  4. i know, and i completely lost my heart T_T, thanks for commenting anyways 😀

  5. I love Jaejoong forever, i proud DBSK :d

  6. The first ones almost made me cry, but..
    omfg the rest is freaking hilarious!! :DD

  7. HAHAHAHA, yeah it’s hilarious (: thanks to nisa for the post 😉

  8. I Love You TVXQ / DBSK
    you are all funny, especially Jaejoong … hahaha

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